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Karate for Kids Classes

Our Karate Classes for kids in Forrestdale and Sandwich, MA have a Special Karate Offer. Karate classes that enhance: Respect, Courtesy, Self-Control, etc. = Life Skills, Better Grades, ADD/ADHD, Bullying, Safe Self-Defense, at Home Behavior and more. See why so many parents are enrolling their kids.

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Martial Arts for Teens

Our classes for teens in Forrestdale and Sandwich, MA focus on physical fitness & self-defense. They build self-esteem and confidence while learning how to handle stressful situations and to defend themselves. We prepare them for real-world situations and create strong leaders.

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts programs for adults teach everything from traditional to modern martial arts in a safe and fun environment. Practicing concepts that build physical fitness, situational awareness, self-confidence, esteem, self-defense and much more.

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At ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich our professional Instructors are ready to serve our community from karate kids to adults. We strive to make your martial arts class a personalized experience as we realize many of our students have enrolled for multiple reasons. If you live near or around Forrestdale and Sandwich, MA please give us a call or complete any form on this site to receive your website special offer. Our program directors and Martial Arts instructors will reach out to you and schedule your first lesson and offer a tour of our academy.

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Testimonial and Review

Our kids, Trevor and Talan have been in the ATA Tigers Program at Sandwich Martial Arts for going on eight months now. They have both gained self-discipline and focus while being in class. You need focus in order to understand the lesson of the day.

Heather P. July 26, 2018

Our son Paul, who is 8 years old, has A.D.D. and was having problems in school with socializing and his grades. His teacher told his us that he has improved in both and was wondering what changed? I told her that he is taking Karate, and that I had him to write a letter of Continue Reading

Norah C. July 26, 2018

Tighe who is 14, has been enrolled at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich for a while. We are grateful for his involvement in the ATA Legacy program. We admit that he has a lot of down time in which he plays video games a lot, but we do catch him going over material for assisting Continue Reading

Steve G. July 26, 2018

Our son Rob is a 3rd Degree black belt in ATA Martial Arts. He has been taking classes since he was six. Rob has A.D.D. and at times suffers from depression. His training in martial arts helps in controlling his emotions and thoughts. In seven events Rob has held the title of State Champion for Continue Reading

Barb A. July 26, 2018

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ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich Review and Testimonial System

Thank you for visiting our website. Please leave us a Review and Testimonial and tell us how much you enjoy our programs. Our goal is to serve our students with the highest quality training and facilities in Forrestdale and Sandwich, MA. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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Kids Love Martial Arts Classes at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich!

We are excited to meet your family. Martial Arts can help your children develop life-long skills that will benefit them at home, in school with better grades, and in everyday life with enhanced courtesy and respect. We are VERY proud of how our karate kids excel in the community after just a short time of being a martial art student. Click the Act Now button below and select a program that best fits your needs.


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Teen Martial Arts Classes at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich!

Our Teen martial arts program at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich is designed to offer so much more than just kicking and punching. Our Martial Arts for Teens classes give our students the profoundly important ability to gain self-confidence while improving their personal safety and physical, mental, emotional, and social capacities.


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Adult Martial Arts Classes at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich!

Our Martial Arts classes for teens and adults are Top Notch. Our Instructors are actively involved with each student and the benefits our program has on and off the mat. From safely taught self defense skills to physical fitness our adult program delivers real world results for this ever-changing world. Our community members in Forrestdale and Sandwich, MA love the classes and what we have to offer for our student base and their families.

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Meet Martial Arts School Owner Mr. Tony Rambert

With a passion for helping community members stay safe while teaching the “art” of martial arts, our Master Instructor believes that each student can obtain their goals and objectives in life. While teaching techniques that save lives with life skills that work both on and off the mat, our student get the best instruction possible in Forrestdale and Sandwich, MA.

Tony Rambert

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