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Welcome from our team of instructors here at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich

We are dedicated to working with you on enrolling into a program to help you reach your goal in the Martial Arts. ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich offers classes for elementary kids ages 3 – 6, Karate kids 7 – 15, and teens to adults. ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich was opened in 2002 under the instructions of my senior instructor Mr. Tom Murray Sr. As a 3rd Degree Black belt in the ATA, I became Lead instructor in 2008, and school owner in 2010. At ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich the instructors are trained and certified to teach classes to kids in a fun and safe manner to help improve confidence, discipline, and fitness. Our Adult classes are geared to helping you grow in the martial arts and is a perfect opportunity to do an activity with your children as a family. Here at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich, we believe that a family that kicks together, sticks together. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon

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Why Join ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich

We have been servicing the community sine 2002. The team of instructors here would love to show you what we have to offer you, your family and friends

Fun and Challenging Classes!

Teaching class is a task for both instructor and student both. Remembering the fun you had learning the technique and forms is a much easier task. This method takes all the stress off you while learning new material.

Every Child is Special, Every Kid is a Winner!

In these days of life, every child wants to be told something nice about themselves or what they have done. Here at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich we specialize in a program that rewards kids for their achievements. Our ATA star program rewards them for being good and helping out in school, at home or out in the community. Each week they are given these stars for school work, home chores, and completing ATA events and tournaments.

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Our kids, Trevor and Talan have been in the ATA Tigers Program at Sandwich Martial Arts for going on eight months now. They have both gained self-discipline and focus while being in class. You need focus in order to understand the lesson of the day.

Heather P. July 26, 2018

Our son Paul, who is 8 years old, has A.D.D. and was having problems in school with socializing and his grades. His teacher told his us that he has improved in both and was wondering what changed? I told her that he is taking Karate, and that I had him to write a letter of Continue Reading

Norah C. July 26, 2018

Tighe who is 14, has been enrolled at ATA Martial Arts of Sandwich for a while. We are grateful for his involvement in the ATA Legacy program. We admit that he has a lot of down time in which he plays video games a lot, but we do catch him going over material for assisting Continue Reading

Steve G. July 26, 2018

Our son Rob is a 3rd Degree black belt in ATA Martial Arts. He has been taking classes since he was six. Rob has A.D.D. and at times suffers from depression. His training in martial arts helps in controlling his emotions and thoughts. In seven events Rob has held the title of State Champion for Continue Reading

Barb A. July 26, 2018

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